PRESS RELEASE 08.04.2010

Blue Night at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Trading

ATELIER BRÜCKNER designs Luminale project


The Main Trading Hall at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange will be all in blue on Sunday 11 April. Under the motto “Blue Night: Trading” ATELIER BRÜCKNER, in collaboration with the light artist Ingo Bracke, has developed a light and sound installation, allowing people to experience the German stock exchange in a completely different way. Visitors can get a glimpse of the illuminated Trading Hall from 18:00 to 24:00 – without need for advance booking.


ATELIER BRÜCKNER designed and carried out the modernization of the Main Trading Hall in 2008. The lighting concept makes flexible illumination possible, depending on the use. With its memorable spatial composition, the trading hall is known above all as the workplace for over 50 lead brokers. Now on the occasion of the Luminale, the lighting culture festival, the hall is presented as a venue for events.


In the Blue Night (Blaue Nacht), in addition to the trading cubicles, illuminated in blue, and the blue-framed price board, the animated world-map all around the walls, composed of LED strips is reflecting the theme of “trading”. This theme is continued with projections onto the ceiling of the hall, forming a bridges between the different continents. Light and sound merge with the room to create an intense, brand bound experience.


Blue Night at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Trading. Photo: Uwe Dettmar, Frankfurt






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