Dîner mit Scharf
Design Museum, Zurich, February 18th, 2006 

In the frame of the exhibition »Take Away-Design in Modern Eating Culture« students of the third semester conceived a ‘spatial-culinary’ performance. Through a 360-degree projection, a narrative space emerged representing the dialectic of fast food and slow ambience. Odd characters, yet with familiar rituals figures act out serving an experimental diner. The performers, the rhythm of the images and subjects, follow a surreal choreography challenging the perception of our eating habits, and involving the guests as participants.

A Project of the Academy of Art and Design, Basel
Prof. Uwe R. Brückner, Prof. Frédéric Dedelley
Dozenten: Ulrike Schlemm, Marc Tamschick

Dame de Service/Sängerin: Jeannine Hirzel
Maitre de Service: Martin Kaufmann
Dinner Partners and „Drink-Extra”: Students of The Gymnastik Diplom, Schule Basel

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