Energy Pavilions 2015 | Competition Astana, Expo

National Company 'Astana Expo-2017' JSC
Area (sqm)
Technology, Science
Expo, Competition

The competition envisages four pavilions dealing with the topic 'energy'. Everything is presented in an immersive, playful way with numerous possibilities of interaction. The keywords 'learn', 'explore', 'think & talk' and 'act' serve as themes for the pavilions.
The first pavilion 'World of Energy' sets the basis of understanding and also creates a future scenario depicting how our decisions of today influence the world in which we will live tomorrow.
Visitors explore the second pavilion 'Energy for Life' with electronic cars. On their ride through four urban settings they are introduced to innovative energy solutions for cities.
The spatial image of the pavilion 'Energy for All' is created by interaction. The visitors are offered 'torches' to bring into the exhibits and thus experience what it is like to be leading a life 'off the grid'. In the heart of the pavilion, there is the forum. A moderated show invites the visitors to engage in the debate on the social and ethical dimensions of energy.
The fourth pavilion 'My Future Energy' shows the visitors how to reduce their energy consumptions and visualises their personal carbon footprints.
Sustainability and reusability are the main decision criteria for the selection of materials and resources for the construction of the pavilions.

Concept and Design
1st prize