Future Heroes 2022 Dubai, Museum of the Future

Dubai Future Foundation
1200 sqm
Children, Technology, Science
Exhibition, Museum

“Future Heroes”, a 1200 sqm exhibition dedicated to visitors aged 4 to 11 years, invites kids to explore and develop their skills in an open-ended playful experience. They are empowered to become Future Heroes. Upon arrival, they are greeted with the encouraging message – "The Future Needs You”. As they begin their journey, a Future Trainer introduces the kids to the training zone. A Future Hero cape and an interactive wristband, enabling them to collect badges during training, is handed over. The children are encouraged to work together as a team to complete special urgent missions. In the process, they will acquire skills that will help them become successful Future Heroes.  Three igloo-shaped labs are embedded in an undulating terrain, which also incorporates trampolines and two large climbers – the Balance Balloon and the Rocket Tower. The overall experience, augmented by a magical soundscape, invites the children to explore for free play and have fun. At the centre of the landscape is an abstracted tree with swinging pods extending from its branches. Its trunk hosts monitoring stations that allow the Future Heroes to check their badge collections and communicate with their avatars, who motivate them to participate in more challenges and activities.

General Planning, Exhibition Design, Scenography, Interaction Design, Graphic and Media Design, Media Hardware
Light Planning with
Belzner Holmes
Software, Sound Design
The DoSeum
Construction Mechanical Elements
MKT engineering GmbH & Co
Killa Design
Giovanni Emilio Galanello