Journey of the Pioneers 2022 Dubai , Museum of the Future

Dubai Future Foundation
3.000 sqm
Technology, Science
Exhibition, Museum

The Dubai Future Foundation has the objective to immerse visitors in a world 50 years from now and showcase scenarios of what the world may look like. Three levels show immersive future scenarios: The first is a Space Station, followed by the HEAL Institute, an organisation that has the task of regenerating damaged and endangered ecosystems. Finally the visitors come to ALWAHA, a space for our wellbeing and senses. In addition to the main exhibition, the museum includes a floor showcasing near-future innovations and products, as well as a floor with an immersive and engaging landscape dedicated to children.

General Planning, Exhibition Planning, Scenography, Graphic and Media Design
Light Planning with
Belzner Holmes
Media Hardware Planning with
medienprojekt p2
MEP, Structural Design with
Buro Happold
Killa Design
Special Design, Media Design, Media Production
Altspace, Certain Measures, Deep Local, Emilie Baltz, FRAMESTORE, Galerija12, Jason Bruges Studio, Marshmallow Laser Feast, Polytope Agency, Superflux
Photography Exterior
Daniel Stauch
Giovanni Emilio Galanello | Daniel Stauch
Close10 awards