Living the Future – the demographic opportunity 2013 Berlin

Federal Ministry of Education and Research / Leibniz Association
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Politics, Science

We are living longer. We are decreasing in number. We are getting more diverse. The exhibition "Zukunft leben: Die demografische Chance" shows how the demographic change affects our lives. It is designed as a walk-in, unitized spatial installation. The modules have been designed as semi-transparent cubes, freely arranged in space. An external, emotional narrative layer and precisely prepared graphics, extending from the inside of the modules to the outside, overlap each other optically. The colourful graphic design elements and large-format portrait photographs (Uwe Ditz and Annet van der Voort) contribute to the attractive three-dimensional image, which introduces visitors emotionally to the theme of the exhibition. In addition, integrated media stations invite them to take part in a form of playful interaction. Scenographic accents within the ensemble are the dance performance "Kontakthof" by Pina Bausch, which is projected onto panels of wrinkled fabric, thus giving concrete expression to the relevant theme of aging. There is also a walk-in demography pyramid that portrays 100 years of change in population growth and serves as the sculptural starting point of the exhibition.

Overall Planning, Exhibition Concept and Design, Scenography
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Michael Jungblut