Marine Research and Deep Sea 2020 Frankfurt / Main, Senckenberg Naturmuseum

Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung
Area (sqm)
Natural History

The Senckenberg Naturmuseum conveys the themes ’Marine Research and Deep Sea’ as immersive experiences. During a dive the museum visitors explore unbelievable depths of up to 8000 metres under the surface. The exhibits, research equipment, ship models and submarines are integrated into a dynamic light installation, which is coupled with a large projection. It illustrates the functions of the devices, which are indispensable for marine research. The visitors themselves become active in a walk-in submarine: With a joystick, they set off on an expedition. The diversity of the deep sea inhabitants and their habitats is staged in the room ’Deep Sea’. The exhibits, partly designed as Hands-On, are backlit. The room contours are vanishing, creating the impression of infinite vastness in dark depths.

General Planning, Scenography, Graphic Design
Light Planning with
LDE Belzner Holmes
Media Planning with
medienprojekt p2