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The Museum of London is transforming and will move into a new home, occupying the historic and currently empty General Market in West Smithfield in the coming years. The Museum tells the story of the cosmopolitan City of London, from 450,000 BC to the present day.

The 'Past Time Galleries' will be a star feature, located beneath the ground in the historic vaults and present London through different eras. Over six thousand exhibits will be on display and include the famous Cheapside Hoard; intricate and beautiful jewellery from the 16th and 17th century discovered in the cellar of an old house in the city and revealing the skill of London’s craft specialists and makers. In contrast an actual railway (Thameslink) runs through a tunnel adjacent to the gallery and will be included in the narrative of London’s industrial story.

The ground floor of the General Market will retain the atmosphere of the historic marketplace – a new public space that will host regular events and exhibitions. The impressive underground galleries will also feature treasures from the Goldsmiths' Company collection, which were last on public display in 2013.

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