Shenzhen Natural History Museum In Progress Shenzhen

Engineering Design Management Center of Shenzhen Construction and Engineering Department
Size (qm)
Exhibition Area: 11.000 sqm ; Public and Education Spaces: 6.000 sqm
Archaeology, Natural History

A new era in natural history museums: The Shenzhen Natural History Museum is set to become the first of its scale in South China. It features four captivating galleries by ATELIER BRÜCKNER: "Exploring the Universe", "A Living Planet", "The Tree of Life" and "In Search of Dinosaurs". In line with the vision of the Shenzhen Natural History Museum, each gallery is designed to go beyond conventional exhibits, reimagining and redefining natural history museums. With compelling exhibits and immersive experiences, the galleries contribute to the Shenzhen Natural History Museum becoming one of Shenzhen's prestigious "Ten Cultural Institutions of the New Era".

General Planning, Exhibition Design, Scenography of 4 galleries and related Public and Education Areas
Lighting Design with
Silkroad Blue
Media Planning, Media Design & Graphic Design with
Silkroad Blue
3XN, B+H Architects, Zhubo Design