Qatar Pavilion 2013 | Competition Milan, Expo 2015

State of Qatar – Organizing Committee / Nüssli Gruppe
3500 sqm
Culture, Architecture
Ethnology, History, Industry, Technology, Science
Expo, Competition

The Arabian character 'Qatar' serves as the starting point for the pavilion design, which was developed for the Expo 2015 in Milan with its motto "Feeding the Planet – Energy for Life". By abstraction a floral outline with four wings was created, which stands for the 'flourishing' country. Within the four sectors there are the main themes: (renewable) energy, water, agriculture and food. Two narrative threads run through the pavilion: 'The future of Qatar', depicted in impressive spatial images, as well as the 'history and culture' of the country, which is displayed on a 'ribbon' that nestles to the outer walls of the pavilion. In the centre there is the main attraction, the 'knowledge cloud': the visitors can use mirror interfaces to concentrate the sunlight falling from above onto a water surface – water steam rises. Thus a 'cloud of knowledge' is produced, onto which a future vision is projected showing how to use the existing energy in order to produce food, knowledge and culture.
The exhibition takes up the ground floor and the first floor. On the second floor and on the green roof of the building, there are VIP areas. The façade is inspired by the Qatari flag: Its serrated surface winds around the building like a white and purple ribbon.

Architecture, Exhibition Design
General Contractor
Knowledge Cloud